Corsair Dark Core RGB SE Wireless Gaming Mouse & MM1000 Mouse Pad Review

Wireless Charging
Since this is the SE version of the Dark Core it does support Qi charging. This is course why Corsair wants you to pair it with the MM1000 mouse pad. To wirelessly charge the Dark Core simply place it over the Qi section of the mousepad. The LED indicator on the MM1000 will let you know if it is charging or not.

Corsair MM1000 Mousepad

Since you have a Qi charger embedded in the mouse pad you can charge other devices, like your phone. I had no problem charging my iPhone X with the MM1000.

Corsair MM1000 Mousepad

If a device you have happens to not support Qi charging you can see use it with the MM1000! Corsair provides a microUSB charging adapter that you can plug into your device, which allows it to be charged by the MM1000. Say you have an older iPhone or device with a USB-C connection Corsair also provides adapters for these devices.

Corsair MM1000 Mousepad

Battery Life
Corsair tells us that the Dark Core RGB SE will last 24 hours with none of the lighting turned on, or 16 hours with all of the lights turned on. In our testing we averaged around 15 hours with all of the LEDs on at 100%. I feel that is just fine as you are not going to have a 15-hour gaming session and all you have to do is remember to slide the mouse over to the Qi charging section before you get out of your gaming chair.

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