Corsair Dark Core RGB SE Wireless Gaming Mouse & MM1000 Mouse Pad Review

Lighting & Software
When you start using the mouse you’ll notice that it does light up in various places. There is lighting around the scroll wheel, on the Corsair logo on the palm rest, little accent lights on either side, and around the large button on the left side of the mouse. These are RGB lights and there are three different lighting zones, the scroll zone, side zone, and logo zone. I feel like the RGB LED lighting is pretty good on this mouse and not overdone like we’ve seen on other mice.

Corsair Dark Core RGB SE Corsair Dark Core RGB SE Corsair Dark Core RGB SE Corsair Dark Core RGB SE

To program the mouse, add macros, change the lighting and more you’ll need to install Corsair’s CUE software. Once in the CUE software you’ll see the mouse appear at the top in your list of Corsair devices. The main tab shows the different profiles.

Moving on to the actions tab there is where you can completely remap the mouse if you want. For each button you can select a macro, text, remap key, media control, launch application, timer, profile switch, or completely disable the button.

After actions is lighting effects. As I mentioned you can control each of the three zones independently. For each zone you can select Rainbow, Color Shift, Color Pulse, or Static Color.

The DPI tab is of course where you configure your DPI. You can set three different DPI levels as well as the DPI for the sniper button. You can also set a LED color for each DPI level. These indication LEDs are on the left side of the mouse.

Under the performance tab you can turn angle snapping on or off, specify the lift height, turn enhanced pointer precision on or off, and set the pointer speed.

Finally there is surface calibration, which will calibrate the mouse to the mousing surface you are using. I would highly recommend doing this before you start using the mouse, or if you happen to switch out a mouse pad.

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