Corsair Dominator GT DDR3-2000 8-8-8-24 6GB Triple Channel Memory Kit Review


The Dominator GT DDR3-2000 performed superbly at the tighter timings of 7-8-7-24, and that seemed to be the best setting. I haven’t mentioned yet, but available only at the online store, Corsair takes the best of the memory chips already chosen for the Dominator GT, and puts them on a special edition DDR3-2000, with timings of 7-8-7-24. This kit did that easily. As usual, though there were some performance gains at the overclock of DDR3-2156 10-9-9-28, you end up losing some performance when loosening the timings.

The Corsair Dominator GT is an excellent memory kit. It looks awesome, it performs well, and gave me the highest memory overclock I’ve seen on my rig yet. The included fan adds some extra cooling, which is nice on a watercooled rig, there often isn’t much airflow around the motherboard when you don’t have a CPU fan blowing. The fan is just audible when running at full speed, I couldn’t hear it over my other fans, but if you plug it into a motherboard fan header that is adjustable, you can get it down to silent running.

If the stock pin fins aren’t quite enough for you, Corsair has some longer ones available, along with a waterblock if you are into water cooling your memory. If that isn’t enough, the available TEC cooler can get you up to 20C below ambient temperature.

The Dominator GT DDR3-2000 8-8-8-24 6GB Kit sells for $329 at my favorite online retailer. It currently is the most expensive CAS 8 DDR3-2000 6GB kit there. The cooler sells for $35, so that adds some extra value for the price. ThinkComputers gives the Corsair Dominator GT DDR3-2000 8-8-8-24 6GB kit a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small


– Very aggressive look
– Supports Intel XMP 1.2
– Active memory cooling fan included
– Gave the highest overclock I’ve had so far for DDR3-2000 memory
– Optional accessories include longer pin fin heatsink, waterblock, and TEC cooler


– Rather pricy