Corsair Graphite Series 730T Case Review


The Corsair 730t can fit any type build you can manage whether you are a high performance watercooling builder or a Air Cooled wonder builder, big board-small board or mechanical or solid state drives. The Corsair has made no exceptions in every category you can think of. The top Ventilation enclosure or cover is great for air cooler guys that want a minimalist look or basic builder but if you are going full on water, well simply lift off the magnetic plastic cover and there you have a full vented top for a full 360 x 120 Rad. But we recommend a thin 360mm aluminum radiator if you don’t want to remove the top/front interior drive bay assembly. Also if you are a “Modder” and you plan on using the top, be advised that you will need to be careful painting as plastic and metal require different procedures for the paint to bond accurately. But the front end is very well built and very versatile.


If you plan on water cooling this is the way your build will look with full ventilation with the radiator on top or inside the case it is grade “A” convenient, very well constructed and engineered with rubber vibration proofing tabs to keep down fan vibration and noise that can actually be amplified by a case on a wooden desk or floor.


The Corsair 730t is one of the more affordable version in this “Graphite” series, so there is no window on the side panels but the case comes with ample ventilation holes to keep heat from accumulating inside the case for too long due to a natural convection current ability. Also for you Enthusiasts, this is an open Canvas with some inspirational shapes to help us get started with cutting our own side windows.


The CONTROL PANEL and the I/O and USB is also low to no maintenance. The buttons are very trendy looking and nicely made almost like a modern keypad. The USB slots are tight and the Standard stereo Microphone and Headphone female jack ports are very easy to get to and tough as nails.

Corsair 730t Front Vent open 1

Corsair 730t Front Vent open 2

corsair 730t front Fan

The front ventilation of the cover Corsair 730t is very simple to remove by gently applying pressure on both top sides of the vent then it will begin to pop out right into your hands. if not just gently pull out and away from the two Tabs that drop into the base slots in the bottom of the case front for bottom stability. The Vent can easily be washed in a sink with blue “Dawn” dish soap and just plain water then just take it outside and shake dry or use a hair drier to dry it off completely and replace in the opposite order.

The back side of the Corsair 730t of the case at the very top back of the case gives hot air a great escape with the small top area completely ventilated so there are no hot spots if the case is in the closed off mode by the top magnetic plastic reinforced cover. The 140mm x 140mm exhaust fan with it’s fitted metallic out cropping lip stabilizes a standard 120mm x 120mm Radiator, if you plan on the water on the outside of the case and if that is the case then take a Phillips head screwdriver to the metal knockouts in the back for running your tubing through or maybe just a great place for an outer Fan for a push pull radiator cooling solution.

The 9 Expansion Slots in the Corsair 730t are all tool-less and ventilated for even more cooling performance. The only thing you may need for a tool for would be a four to six inch Number 1 cross slot or Phillips head screw driver for the Power supply brick in the bottom back of the case and the Expansion slots in the back of the case can be more than finger tight from the factory. The power supply is ventilated from the bottom with a pull out water washable filter that slides in and out of its own slots and locks into place when refitted.


Lastly the bottom of the case is ready for an intake 120 x 120 Radiator and or Fan in the bottom center of the case for those “in one Graphics” card coolers that are quickly coming into popularity like the one that comes standard with the Radeon 295×2 water cooled graphics card. The intake for the PSU is right next to that in the back and is big enough for a 140 PSU fan to have plenty of breathable cool air from the bottom of the case. The case lifting arrangement is by helocopter type slides that are held on by 4 x 3/16’s Phillips head screws and can be removed if you wanted to add wheels or custom feet to the case. The Corsair Engineering team seems to think of everything with the Graphite 730t and 760t series. This case is meant for every type of builder from novice and extreme builders so don’t be afraid to use this case for any kind of build.


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