Corsair Graphite Series 730T Case Review

Inside this case is everything we come to expect from Corsair. The only Screwdriver you will need is the one you use to tighten down the motherboard and untighten the back expansion slots. First I must mention one of its best points of all. The Hinged door panels on both sides of this case are amazing and the simple and effortless way of opening of either side panel is very time saving and effective.

Corsair 730t hinge

Corsair 730t Panel Hinge

One think you should take not of. The motherboard installation is easier than most case because there is a little “Key Pin” in the center of the motherboard tray and is meant for lining up the Motherboard for fast and easy installation. It helps both novice and expert to preinstall heavy hardware onto the motherboard and use that Key Pin to precisely install the motherboard with very little effort at all. There is ample room for any air cooler you might want to add on the inside with room for a huge long video card of 13 inch video card or a very tall 170 inch air cooler.

The case is an almost an optical illusion. It looks like a nice mid tower but its too big to be called that basically because. Well, it’s not. It’s big enough for any build you have planned no matter what the size of the cooler or Power supply is or how many video cards you plan to use. This case can house it with room to spare.

open Side panel

On what we call the Wire side of the motherboard tray or behind the motherboard tray is a wonderful Cassette type side by side SSD x 4 press and lock mounting system. The slide in cassette type trays can accommodate 4 x SSDs with precision ease but mount them before you start your wire managment as the Wires can get in the way of the slots if you tie them down too soon. Just line it up the SSD and install into the slot until it clicks and its installed. The installation with this system is simple and very well engineered. If you need to remove one simplely unplug it and then press down on the lever at the bottom of each slot and the drive pops out like bread out of a toaster.

Corsair 730t Drive bays ssd

There are 2 x 4 Hard drive box type bays at the bottom inside floor of the case near the power supply area that are both removable with phillips head screws and can be convertible to differt configuations depending on your needs with your particular build. The draw action units that allow for 3.5/2.5 inch hard mechanical sized hard drives is effortless as you just let the plastic drawer fittings snap onto the bottom of the hard drive and then pop it in the slot. Easy right? They boxes are configured so you can fit up to a total of 8 standard sized mechanical hard drives with both boxes installed. Again Corsair has great engineering team and R&D department that is for sure, bar none.


The Back of the Motherboard tray has a huge access hole to get to the back of the cpu retention assembly but it also allows for convection cooling of the ram even for X79 or X99 systems. Corsair thought of everything with this case. Its like a group of professional modding and system builders got together and made a case just for them and everyone else.


Also behind the motherboard tray is a full 1 inch of Space for wire management. That does not sound like a lot of room but every Millimeter matters with case building when it comes to hiding wires and on the rear of the Motherboard tray there are plenty of tie downs built into the metal to strap and hold wire ties down fast and smooth and still have enough room to breath.

Finally the top 5.25 inch drive bays are perfectly engineered. We used two different units to try out the self locking mechanism of the tool-less designed bays and they both slid in tight and clicked to a solid placement for a very clean and professional looking front end that did not need so much of a few seconds each to install. It is noteworthy to say that in order to remove the 5.25 blanks that come with the unit you will have to ease your hand into the back of the drive bay to unlock the blanks from the front end and push them out the front. They are easy to remove and with long handles to make it super simple to unlock and withdraw them.

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