Corsair Graphite Series 730T Case Review

Final Thoughts
The fact that Corsair makes quality is like asking if Toyota makes good cars. Yes, of course they do. This case can do anything from a full custom Modding set up with extra panels and fitting to go or a Novicely Air Cooler build with any sized cooler up to 170 mm tall. You can put any size Motherboard in it except a BTX which is a completely different animal entirely. But any ATX E-ATX EX-ATX, uATX or even the smallest M-ITX can fit easily into this build and be great. Any video card size it doesn’t matter it will fit and crossfire and sli is recommended. Any Power supply even the monster variety will fit. Do you get my drift here? This case is so close to perfect that finding bad things to say about it almost impossible or hardly mentionable.


The Build quality of this case has to be seen to be believed. The rivets almost resemble large round head dome square driven screws. But after further inspection I did find that they were in fact big tough rivets. The case is extremely stable and trying to get it to vibrate would take your friends huge subwoofer from his car to make it vibrate and it still would not make noise. The filtration is easy to get to press pull clean and replace that’s as easy as it gets. The Two 140 x 140 Fans have super Air flow and are very quiet. The case is made for letting out heat everywhere. The case uses natural convection currents and forced air flow for keeping this case completely cool. The versatility of this case is just amazing.

In the End if you want a Case that will last the test of time and keep a good resale value then this case is for you. Yes? I know its hard to spend $130.00 US Dollars on a case, but to get something better than this case you could spend twice that. Finally you get what you pay for and more with the Corsair 730t and the 760t. They are the Toyota of Computer Cases. Or could I even say Lexus, maybe not. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Corsair Graphite Series 730T Case a 10 out of 10 score.

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– It’s made for air and water cooling, custom loops, big boards, small boards, lots of wire or minimalist.
– Hinged panels with lever like opening saves lots of time and helps with closing the back of the motherboard that can be tough in some builds.
– High Clearance for big air coolers
– Large PSU area
– Slide in and lock SSD cassette tray in back.
– Convertible 3.5 hard drive bays.
– Water washable dust filters on the front and bottom
– Great ventilation throughout the case.

– You could possibly break the small blank extensions handles on the front Case which I did step on on and it snapped and broke off. But after it snapped it broke in a perfect place to still allow the Blank to be used for years to come. The Drawer like Plastic fitting that surrounds the 3.5 inch hard drives handle can snap too. We did not snap one of those from this case, but my son broke one on his Corsair 600t that uses the exact same drawer type units.
– The Top cover is made of plastic so if you are planning on painting it, try to get a good color match. Also this plastic could possibly fade in direct sunlight if you kept it in a place where direct sunlight would be common.

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