Corsair Graphite Series 730T Case Review

Assembly & Finished Look

When we considered this build we first started to use a Corsair H-100 AIO water cooling unit for the test, but then as we thought while installing the unit that we were showing or proving anything with this futile indeavour. Of course this case was made for every Corsair product ever conceived, so that is a given, BUT, did they think a big gigantic air cooler like the “Cooler Master V8 GTS” that looks like something that is made to cool off a small Cessna aircraft or hot rod V8 Motor. The Answer was yes, it fits and it went in perfectly but dont install this monster in the case. We did and we paid for it with so much tight areas that aliens with ten inch fingers would have been cussing in flomacian. The Truth is we are constantly amazed by this case in every way. It is always ready for anything we throw at it and when we were finished building we closed the side panel as if you were closing the door to our room.


We did not move the Lower drive bays and we installed the huge Corsair HX-1000 that is rather large and it fits perfectly even with both of the Hard Drive boxes in place. The back 1 full inch of Clearance and the tie offs strategic locations all over the back made it easy to do wire management and actually close the panel door with very little resistance at all. The Corsair 730t is one of the most well thought out computer cases we have ever witnessed and I have been around this stuff for as long as they have sold custom cases.


The red LED’s are beautiful and bright in this case and it matches the Cooler Master V8-GTS perfectly. The whole build looked great after we were finished and it was easy to get it this way. The installation of the Air Cooler should have been done outside of the case on the motherboard before installation but that was not Corsair’s problem at all. Everything fit without exception and it looks great. This case is totally worth the investment. Its a fact that you get what you pay for with this case.


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