Corsair Graphite Series 730T Case Review

The packaging of the Corsair 730t is well thought out as well. The overall packaging is big but surprisingly light and can take a lot of abuse from couriers in transit, but Cardboard box is Standard corrugated boxing with convenient handles on the side for easy of Transportation. This should be upgraded to a thicker box and weatherproofing as well.

Corsair box

Inside the package the case is held into place tightly with a reinforcement padding in the back and front with high impact White EPE Packaging Foam which is stronger and more flexible than most Styrofoam and shock, tear and crack resistant. The Corsair 730t Case is also shrouded in a Black felt cloth bag to keep it safe from the elements during shipping.

Corsair 730t packed and bag

Finally, the front bezel press and lift out fan filter system is taped down with a single length of masking tape to keep it from coming out during shipping. Also Noteworthy is the Accessories for the Case are conveniently stowed in one of the 3.5 inch Drive bays in its own drive sized box that fits tightly inside the lower drive bay assembly.

Corsair 730t box Accessories

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