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Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard & Lapboard Review

K63 Gaming Lapboard Overview
Corsair has also made a lapboard that is specifically made to work with the K63 wireless gaming keyboard. This is great for all of those who want to game in the living room especially with Corsair’s wireless products.

Corsair K63 Lapboard

The Lapboard comes with an extra set of bottom and top mounting clips and a user’s guide.

Corsair K63 Lapboard

The Lapboard itself is the single-piece unit. It is mainly made of plastic, but it seems to be a heavier plastic and does not feel cheap at all.

Corsair K63 Lapboard

On the left side of the Lapboard you are going to find the slot specially made for the K63 Wireless Mechanical keyboard. This is the only keyboard that will fit in this slot. Right below that slot is the built-in wrist rest, which is very much like the one that is included with the K63 Wireless keyboard.

Corsair K63 Lapboard

Moving over to the right side we have the mouse pad area that has a cloth mouse pad installed. The mousing surface is about the size of a normal mouse pad. The mouse pad can actually be removed and replaced as well.

Corsair K63 Lapboard

On the bottom of the lapboard you have a memory foam cushion that extends the entire length of the lapboard. It is pretty thick and should provide support while keeping the lapboard perfectly positioned on your lap.

Corsair K63 Lapboard Corsair K63 Lapboard

Installing the K63 Wireless keyboard inside of the lapboard couldn’t be easier. Slide it in from the top and then secure it with the two latches at the top. Those latches are designed to go into and lock with the holes in the K63 Wireless keyboard. With the keyboard inside the lapboard it feels completely secure and does not move around at all. The keyboard is just as easy to remove, just unlock the two latches and slide it out.

Corsair K63 Lapboard Corsair K63 Lapboard Corsair K63 Lapboard Corsair K63 Lapboard

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