Corsair Raptor K50 Gaming Keyboard Review

Testing and Conclusion
I have been using the Corsair Raptor K50 over the past few weeks. I have been pleased with it as it has been a change to my desktop without being a mechanical keyboard as most are in the market. Some people love or dislike mechanical keyboards. One of the coolest features of the Corsair Raptor K50 is the customizable color leds, which can all be setup in the super easy to use software. The software only has 3 tabs which are all super friendly and easy to work through. One of the tabs is just for setting macros and the only one is to control your profiles then the third one is for setting up different color lighting settings which all gets save to the onboard memory.

Now onto the everyday part of the testing before we move onto the gaming area. I used the Corsair Raptor K50 for work use at my desk. Using it for everyday tasks as of typing and also normal web surfing. One of the nice things was it was soft and quiet to use as it is not a mechanical keyboard. Which is great if you don’t like mechanical or think they are too loud. With the Corsair Raptor K50 we also have lighter keystrokes than a mechanical keyboard. I even set up a few macros keys for some Office and Excel shortcuts. Which is awesome as there are so many different combos of keys you can thanks to the 18 Macro Keys and up to 3 different profiles.

Gaming is one of the areas this keyboard does love to shine. We are going to test out the Corsair Raptor K50 with the following games, Titanfall, Battlefield 4 and CS: GO, and World of Warcraft. For the first game I will talk about is World of Warcraft since it has been around for a while and it a perfect game to test out the macros. Setting up the macros for World of Warcraft was pretty easy as you can pre make the macros in WoW then bind the key to the keyboard. Now I run a Druid healer and I was able to bind some keys to the macro panel to help me to toss or better heals and to control some abilities on my bars. Now let’s move on to some FPS and fast action games. While playing Battlefield 4 and also Titanfall the Corsair Raptor K50 handled well. One of the only issues I has was that the snappiness of the keys was not there since it’s not a mechanical keyboard. Other than that it performed well and handled everything nicely it was able to keep up with me.

Overall the Corsair Raptor K50 has been a nice keyboard for around the office and MMO gaming due to the macros. The RGB lighting is an amazing feature that will probably be a standard on most key gaming LED keyboards in the future

Currently you can find the Corsair Raptor K50 keyboard online for around $89.99, which is a good price for its features. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Corsair Raptor K50 Gaming Keyboard a 9 out of 10 score.

– RGB Lighting
– Super Easy Control Panel
– 54 different macros keys

– No key snapback like mechanical keyboards

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