Corsair SP2500 High-Power 2.1 PC Speaker System Review

Lets face it, the 2200’s that Corsair produced were “eh”. That’s probably the best work I can use to describe them. The 2500’s are the exact opposite of “eh”, whatever that word may be. (“daaaaaamn!”). Corsair corrected all the problems associated with the 2200’s and improved upon them even further. They give you the ability to go completely through the volume spectrum and never cringe due to the awesome component construction that Corsair delivers. When purchasing this system you have to consider a couple of things. First, do I have a place in my driveway for this sub and, second, would I prefer a 5.1 system over a 2.1? There are many 5.1’s in the same price range as the 2500’s but I’m a person more inclined to pick the 2.1. Not too many out there have the desk layout to fully make use of the sound positioning that a 5.1 system can deliver. The most important thing is that this system delivers some serious sound quality regardless of the gimmicky controller. My final thought is this: When talking about speakers the sound is king and Corsair truly delivered. These speakers can be purchased at my favorite online retailer for $249.99. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Corsair SP2500 High-Power 2.1 PC Speaker System a 9 out of 10 score and our Editor’s Choice Award!

– Sound Clarity
– Extremely Loud (if you enjoy sound that way)
– Build Quality

– Huge Sub
– Flawed Controller

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