Cougar 700K Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Final Thoughts
You know when I first heard Cougar was making gaming peripherals I was not all that excited. We have seen so many company release gaming products and lets face it, most of them have been crap or OEM products that the company sticks their name on. This is most definitely not the case with the Cougar 700K, I was pleasantly surprised as I started going through this review.

Let’s start with the build quality. The main chassis of the keyboard is made of aluminum, that is something you don’t find very often. This not only gives it a solid feel when you are using it, it also means that it is going to last a very long time. Cougar has also incorporated Cherry MX key switches on this keyboard. These are of course know for quality and they are the premier key switch when it comes to gaming. Our review unit had Cherry MX reds, but Cougar has said they will offer the keyboard in all of the Cherry MX flavors. The USB cable on the keyboard is very thick and braided which means it will not fray or get damaged. Both USB connectors as well as the audio connectors are gold-plated as well.

When it comes to using the keyboard it is extremely comfortable. Of course the Cherry MX red key switches are great for gaming and have great feedback. The FPS palm rest is a great addition and gives your wrist the proper support when gaming for long periods of time. They keyboard also has many great gaming functions like 6-programmable G-keys, three gaming profiles, windows lock button, macro recording on the fly, and up to 8x repeat rate. You also have a USB and audio pass-throughs so you can connect your gaming headset and mouse directly to the keyboard.

When it comes to illumination this keyboard can really stand out. First off all of the keys are backlit orange, which not only looks great, but goes with Cougar’s overall theme on all of their products. The backlighting has three different lighting levels and a pulsating settings as well. You can have all of the keys backlit, any selection of keys you want backlit, have key backlighting turn on when you press a key, and three different “show-off” modes which we covered in this video.

Cougar’s UIX gaming software allows you to really customize the keyboard, set-up macros, change different settings and much more. The software is extremely easy to use and you are able to import your settings and save them to the keyboard. We covered the software in this video.

Cougar really left no stone unturned with the 700K gaming keyboard. Whether you play FPS, MOBA or MMO games this keyboard has what you need. Even if you don’t game this keyboard is great! Right now this keyboard is selling for about $149 online. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Cougar 700K Mechanical Gaming Keyboard a 10 out of 10 score and our Editor’s Choice Award!

– Quality design with quality materials
– Too many gaming features to even list here!
– Great illumination options
– USB and audio pass-throughs
– UIX software
– Very comfortable
– Available in different Cherry MX flavors

– None that I found

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