Creative SXFI Gamer Gaming Headset Review

Final Thoughts on the SXFI Gamer

left side view_sxfi gamer

I’ll start by saying this, I am not a fan of “gaming headsets.” I feel many of them go for features over sound quality. For years, I’ve been told that gaming headsets focus more on gaming features. That if I want the best sound quality, go for headphones. But with the SXFI Gamer, Creative has proven to me you can have the best of both worlds, sound quality, and gaming features. I was highly impressed with the sound quality of the SXFI Gamer headset from Creative. Over the past several years, I’ve tested and reviewed several products from Creative and Sound Blaster and I have yet to be disappointed. The sound quality of the SXFI Gamer is excellent. Even through the 3.5 mm port, the sound was really good. However, via the USB Type-C port, the sound quality was amazing. I was not only impressed but excited to see that the SXFI Gamer worked on my cell phone via USB Type-C. In fact, this may have been the most impressive feature for me as it was unexpected. I knew how great the Super XFi feature was having tested it on several other products before. But I didn’t expect the SXFI Gamer to actually work via USB Type-C on my phone when I plugged it in. I was even able to use the Commander Mic on the SXFI Gamer via USB Type-C on my phone.

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As I have stated earlier, I believe Super XFI to be one of the biggest advances in audio technology, maybe ever. The way you can immersive yourself in a movie, TV show, or a game using Super XFI is unlike any other experience I’ve had pertaining to audio products. But gaming is where the SXFI Gamer really shines. In vast open-world games such as GTA V, Red Dead Redemption, or Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, it allows you to play the games like never before. Having the ability to hear your enemies sneaking up from behind you makes for a totally different and more immersive experience. With Super XFI enabled, you can hear conversations that you weren’t able to hear before when exploring the maps of open-world games. In games such as COD or Battlefield, the ability to hear footsteps is great, but to hear from what direction they are coming from is game-changing.

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Not only does the SXFI Gamer have amazing sound quality and features, but it’s also very comfortable. The leatherette is light and breathable so your head doesn’t get hot or sweaty like with traditional leather. The foam is soft enough to form to the shape of your head but dense enough to help drown out a lot of the ambient sound around you. I wore the SXFI Gamer for upwards of 4-5 hours continuously while editing pictures in Photoshop and never once felt as if I had to remove the headset. The SXFI Gamer headset is also rather light. I’ve tested several headsets that were heavy enough to bother my neck after a while of continuous use. This was not an issue with the SXFI Gamer. Now I never look at the price of a product I’m testing until my review is completed. I try to guess the price of the product by the overall quality of the product. For the SXFI Gamer, I had estimated between $150 and $200 USD. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw the SXFI Gamer was selling on the Creative website for only $129.99 USD. With Black Friday quickly approaching, you may see it on sale as well. I loved my experience with the SXFI Gamer from Creative. So much so that Thinkcomputers gives the SXFI Gamer gaming headset from Creative a 10 out of 10. I had been leaning towards a 9 out of 10. However, the fact the SXFI Gamer worked on my phone via USB Type-C, as well as the price pushed the SXFI Gamer over the top to 10 out of 10. Great job by Creative on the SXFU Gamer. I couldn’t recommend the SXFI Gamer more to someone looking for a great gaming headset. In fact, the best gaming headset I’ve personally ever reviewed.

rating10 10


  • Amazing Sound Quality
  • Great Build Quality
  • Very Comfortable
  • Great Compatibility
  • Easy to use Software
  • Plug and Play (software optional)
  • Good microphone
  • Works on my phone via USB Type-C


  • None I can honestly think of