Creative SXFI Gamer Gaming Headset Review

SXFI Gamer Overview

Creative SXFI Gamer headset

The SXFI Gamer is a gaming headset from Creative, the makers of Sound Blaster products. We have recently reviewed their Sound Blaster X3, as well as other products from Creative. The SXFI Gamer is a USB Type-C gaming headset with Creative’s Commander Mic, as well as their Super XFI Technology. Super XFI Technology is one of the best advances in audio technology, possibly ever. Super XFI brings the magic of holography to audio, in an amazing way. It allows you to bring the immersion of a high-end audio system to essentially any pair of headphones or even earbuds. Creative does certify specific headphones for use with their Super XFI USB dongle. However, since they first introduced Super XFI Technology, they have now added this technology to other products like soundbars, headphones, sound cards, and gaming headsets such as the SXFI Gamer.


The SXFI Gamer uses high-quality 50 mm Neodymium drivers. These drivers offer deep, powerful bass and crystal clear clarity. The earcups on the SXFI Gamer are made up of light memory foam and leatherette. Leatherette is a synthetic material made from vinyl or some type of plastic. However, the earcups have the feel of real leather, just more breathable. The earcups on the SXFI Gamer headset are removable. So, if they are damaged, or just worn out over time, you can replace the earcups on the SXFI Gamer. For me, this is a huge plus. Replacing the earcups on a headset or headphones can greatly increase the lifespan of your headset. For example, the earcups on my Sennheiser 598s wore out after just a couple of years. Personally, I feel the leatherette feels to be a bit more breathable than traditional leather.

The headband on the SXFI Gamer is also made up of a steel band, covered by leatherette, and memory foam. In addition, the headband is also extendable. There are numbers on either side that allows you to ensure that the headband is extended evenly on either side. The last thing of note on the headband is the SXFI Gamer logo on either side. Looking at the SXFI Gamer from a top-down view, we see the Creative logo across the top of the headband.


The SXFI Gamer has several ports, buttons, and a knob on the side of the left earcup. The knob on the SXFI Gamer controls the volume of the headset. There is also a button on the SXFI Gamer to control the lighting on the headset. Press the lighting button once to swap from your setting in the Sound Blaster Control software to simply cycle through the color spectrum. A second press will disable the lighting and a third will go back to your personal setting. There is also a mic mute button and a button labeled SXFI. The SXFI button enables or disables Super XFI on your SXFI Gamer. One press of the SXFI button enables Super XFI. A second press of this button enables Battle Mode, more on that later. Finally, a third press of the button disables Super XFI.

In addition to all the buttons, and the knob, there are three ports on the SXFI Gamer. There is a 3.5mm auxiliary port for use with mobile devices. There is a USB Type-C port, as well as a port for the Commander MIC. The Auxilary port allows you to use the SXFI Gamer like any other pair of headphones through a 3.5 mm port. The mic port is just that, a port for the Commander Mic. The USB Type-C port is for the Type-C cable that is included with the SXFI Gamer and the true way this headset is meant to be used. The only way to get the benefits of the Sound Blaster Command software, RGB lighting, and Super XFI is via the USB Type-C port.


The SXFI Gamer uses the Commander Mic from Creative. The Commander Mic comes with an integrated pop filter and uses SXFI InPerson Microphone technology. SXFI InPerson Microphone technology is designed to further enhance the capabilities of the Commander Mic to suppress noise while still capturing the nuance of your voice. This is supposed to make it sound to your teammates as if you are in person, as opposed to in an online chat. The USB Type-C cable that comes with the SXFI Gamer is kevlar coated. This makes the sleeving on the cable extra-durable and less prone to fraying.

SXFI Gamer

The SXFI Gamer has RGB lighting on either side of the headset. To use the RGB lighting, you must have the SXFI Gamer hooked up via the USB Type-C cable. There are two ways to change the lighting on your SXFI Gamer. The first and easiest is the lighting button on the left side of the headset. However, through the Sound Blaster Control software, you have far more control over the lighting and the SXFI Gamer in general. Speaking of the Sound Blaster Control software, let’s take a look at it.