D-Link DCS-2630L Full HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera Review

Final Thoughts
The world we live in seems to be getting more hostile all the time. Whether this is true or simply the impression we get from being so connected makes little difference. It only makes sense that one would want to gain as much peace of mind as possible; especially when you are away. Maybe it’s your home or maybe a business that you need to keep an extra eye on, D-Link’s DCS-2630L could be the perfect solution for you. Setting up the unit up could not have been any more simple. Download the mydlink lite app, create your account, scan the QR code and you’re on your way. All of the complicated parts of connecting to your wireless network are handled for you. Running the livestream on the app while away at work was especially nice for me as I could keep an eye on my dog who stays home alone. The exceptional 1080p image quality and software corrected near 180° view really show that D-Link knows how to build a quality camera. The auto night/day vision is really nice as well, giving you a great image no matter the light level and you don’t have to switch it over yourself.

As nice as the camera was I did find a few aspects of using D-Link’s software to be a bit annoying. The most obvious thing is the speed. Most every aspect of accessing the device has a loading delay. Log into mydlink.com wait 20 seconds for an image to appear. Click on the settings tab, wait 6 seconds for it to load. Back to live view another 10 seconds. This isn’t a big deal if all you want to do is log on and leave the live view up. But if you need to change things around it can get a little frustrating. This is especially noticeable when accessing the SD card clip playback. Expect to be waiting several minutes for your selected clip to begin playing after you have already waited at every selection just to get to the clip. Then find that it’s not the clip you needed and wait again. When setting up the camera for the first time the app was working for so long that I thought it was perhaps stalled. Logging onto the desktop I was offered a firmware update which I did and found myself waiting another 10 minutes or so. See my point? This is awesome technology, and they’ve done a great job as this is a new market for D-Link, but perhaps it just needs a bit more polish.

The DCS-2630L can be found exclusively at Best Buy and bestbuy.com for $199.99. This price is at the top of the range for these cameras and is only matched by the Canary CAN100USBK. But compare the DCS-2630L feature for feature with it’s competitors and you will find that it wins in nearly every category.

Overall ThinkComputers.org would like to award the D-Link DCS-2630L Full HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera with a 9 out of 10 score!

rating9 10 small

– High quality images
– Easy set-up and installation
– Packed with features
– Fit and finish are perfect
– Streaming is nearly flawless
– On device SD Storage

– Slow loading
– SD setup and playback is not straight-forward
– Full browser support is limited