DeepCool AK400 Digital CPU Cooler Review

Real-time Display & Lighting

When you power your system on for the first time the real-time display won’t light up. You’ll need to download DeepCool’s AK Digital software. Once you install it the display will light up. Now this is not an actual LCD, but a digital display so it is limited on what all it can show. It will show your CPU temperature and CPU usage as well as a little bar mimicking these values. So if your CPU usage is low the bar will be small, but it your CPU usage is 100% it will be a full bar.

DeepCool AK400 Digital CPU Cooler DeepCool AK400 Digital CPU Cooler

While some may see this as limited it is useful information that you can just look over at your PC and see. The AK Digital is a simply application that lives on your taskbar.

deepcool digital 1

There are only really a few options including setting the display to show either temperature or utilization or both (automatic), displaying the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, setting an alarm, checking for updates, and having the application launch on Windows startup.

deepcool digital 2 deepcool digital 3

On the top and bottom edge of the cooler you’ll find ARGB lighting. This adds a subtle touch a lighting, but its not the super RGB in your face, which I think many people will appreciate. Since we connected this to the ARGB header on our motherboard we can easily control it with our motherboard’s RGB software.

DeepCool AK400 Digital CPU Cooler DeepCool AK400 Digital CPU Cooler

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