Drop BMR1 Nearfield Monitors Review

Setup & Usage

I initially wanted to set up the BMR1’s in their vertical orientation, but with my 49-inch super-ultrawide monitor this was not possible. The reason for this is the cable that connects the two speakers was not long enough. I would say if you have a dual monitor setup or anything 34-inches or longer these speakers will not work for you in their vertical orientation. Luckily you do have the horizontal mounting points on these so I just took the stands back off and installed in these mounts instead. Below is what my set up looks like.

Drop BMR1 Nearfield Monitors

Beyond connecting the two speakers together you’ll need to connect power and the 3.5mm line in. Once you have the BMR1’s connected to power a little LED ring will light up around the multifunction button on the main monitor. White is for 3.5mm operation. If you press this button it will turn blue, which means Bluetooth mode. If you’ve never paired a device before it will enter pairing mode. If you ever want to add a new device you just hold down the multifunction button for 3 seconds. I was easily able to pair the BMR1’s with my iPhone 15. If you press the multifunction button one more time the color will change to yellow and you’ll be in headphone mode.

Drop BMR1 Nearfield Monitors

Aside from the multifunction button to switch between the different modes there are no other controls on the BMR1’s. You can’t actually power these off unless you completely unplug them from power and there are no volume controls.

When it comes to the sound coming out of the BMR1’s I think the best way to explain it to most people would be to say for their size they sound quite good. Listening to music, gaming, and watching movies is going to be very enjoyable. The sound is very crisp and accurate, this is immediately accurate when listening to familiar songs if you say switch between the BMR1’s and other speakers or headsets. I do have to say the BMR1’s do not necessarily have an impressive bass umph like I have with my Razer Nommo Chroma speakers, which are also a 2.0 speaker system. You will immediately notice this if you listen to a lot of rap and hip hop music. You can remedy this by adding a subwoofer to the setup using the AUX out and switching them to 2.1 using the switch on the back of the main monitor. I I also wouldn’t recommend these speakers for something like competitive gaming as headphones sound better and are more accurate.

I do think where these speakers shine is their ability to fill a room with accurate and crisp audio for their size. These are some of the smallest desktop speakers that I’ve ever reviewed, yet they are fully fill my office with sound. And as I turn the sound up that sound does not get distorted or muddled as what happens with other speakers I’ve used in the past. I did test the BMR1’s in both their vertical and horizontal orientations and I feel like that vertical is definitely better as it feels more like a wall of sound.

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