Drop + Sennheiser PC38X Gaming Headset Review

Usage & Testing

Getting the Drop + Sennheiser PC38X setup is quite simple since it is an analog headset. Simply connect it to the audio connections on either your motherboard or sound device. The included cable for PC is more than long enough. I have my PC on the far right side of my desk and I was able to route the cable under my desk no problem.

I’ve been using the headset for the past few weeks now and I have to say I am very impressed. Typically analog headsets do not sound very good, at least in my experience. I was pleasantly surprised when I put on the headset for the first time and loaded up some music. The playback was clear, full and surprisingly accurate. As I mentioned earlier in this review the the open back design of the earcups makes for a larger sound stage. This makes sound feel more natural in my opinion, which is not only great for listening to music and consuming media, but also gaming.

In terms of gaming I really felt that I was using a surround sound headset. With the larger sound stage I was able to hear enemies coming and accurately know which direction they were coming from. With closed-ear virtual surround headsets sometimes the location accuracy can be off as the sound sort of echoes off the shell of the earcups. As I said the larger sound stage also makes things seem just more natural which makes MMORPG’s and other “big world” games just that much more exciting.

The microphone on the headset sounds quite good. I did however notice a sort of weird pickup pattern. When you begin to talk the microphone volume is low, but when you talk it sort of normalizes. So if you are having a conversation with someone at times it sounds like you are further away from the microphone than you really are. Since there is no software there really is no way to adjust this or maybe even disable what it is trying to do. You can listen to our audio sample below to see what I am talking about, we also include audio samples from headsets we’ve tested over the past couple of years.

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