Lexar ARES DDR5-5200 32GB Memory Kit Review

If you didn’t know Lexar makes PC memory, we actually took a look at their Hades RGB DDR4 not too long ago. With the introduction of DDR5 Lexar is back with their ARES DDR5 memory. This memory does not have any RGB lighting and since there is a trend towards that we are not opposed to it, although I assume we’ll see ARES RGB DDR5 memory soon enough. As of right now Lexar is only offering two kits in this new DDR5 memory, today we have the LD5CU016G-R5200GD2A kit. This a a 32GB (2x16GB) kit running at 5200 MHz with timings of 38-38-38-74 at 1.25V. How does this memory stand up to other DDR5 kits we’ve reviewed lately? Read on as we find out!

Special thanks to Lexar for providing us with the ARES DDR5-5200 32GB Memory Kit to review.


lexar ares specs


The Lexar ARES DDR5 comes in a pretty standard retail box. On the front there is a picture of the memory and it lets us know the capacity as well as the speed. Flipping over to the back we have a little information on the memory and a list of specifications.

Lexar ARES DDR5-5200 32GB Memory Kit Lexar ARES DDR5-5200 32GB Memory Kit

Opening the box up all you’ll find is the memory, which is nicely protected inside of a clamshell package.

Lexar ARES DDR5-5200 32GB Memory Kit

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