Lexar ARES DDR5-5200 32GB Memory Kit Review


The easiest way to overclock on the Intel platform is to simply change the frequency divider in the BIOS. To achieve the best overclock we try to stay with the timings that the XMP profile recommends. If we run into any issues we will bump up the voltage to see if we can get our system to boot and become stable.

The XMP profile puts this kit at 5200 MHz. I tried to move the kit up to 5400 MHz by simply just changing the frequency. Our system wouldn’t boot at all. Then I then tried bumping the voltage up, going up from 1.25V to 1.45V. Again no go. Finally I remove the timings from the XMP profile and just set things to auto. The system did end up booting at 5400 MHz, but when I was login to Windows I would instantly get a blue screen.

I would say that this is a kit that you really are not going to get much out of. This is likely because Lexar is using Micron ICs not SK hynix like we’ve seen on other kits.

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