Dyson Announces Air Purifying Headphones

The world is certainly becoming a very entertaining place to be. Ever imagined having an air purifier and a headset packed into a single unit? If you hadn’t, then brace yourself for this pleasant surprise as Dyson introduces its new Dyson Zone which is an air-purifying headset.


That’s not the only thing special about this new Dyson product; this will be the company’s very first wearable product. It not just protects the environment but also protects your hearing. The air purifying mechanisms in the headset will cleanse and remove toxins from nearby air and the special noise reduction forces help protect your ears from external noise pollution. In short, the Dyson Zone is an over-ear noise-reducing headphone combined with a sleek compact air purifier.

small dysonprototypes

This might also be a good option for those who are neat freaks or would like to breathe in fresher air while out in the city pollution. Some might think that it is a product born out of the pandemic needs but as Dyson states, the product has been in the works since more than six years and many prototypes later it is finally there.

small dysonzoneUK

If you are wondering how the Dyson Zone works, look at it this way: both earcups contain tiny air compressors which will force air through filters. This clean filtered air will then enter the wearer’s nose and mouth. What has caught our attention is that the purifier part on the headset is described as a “non-contact” visor; there is an air gap between your own air holes and those on the headset. It is understandable since it might cause discomfort and irritation when it comes in contact with the skin directly.

This is so far only a product announcement and we will be waiting till Autumn this year to see the product in the market.