EK Hikes Price Of Its Watercooling Products By 8%

Recently, EK made an announcement that they have to raise the prices of their products. It wasn’t an easy decision for them, but they had to do it because of the current market situation. EK has pointed out several reasons behind this decision, such as the increased costs of labor and materials, as well as challenges faced in sourcing them. In a nutshell, this means that the company’s products will be more expensive to cover these additional expenses.

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The increase in price is quite significant, at an average of around 8%, which is regrettable news. Although the company has not disclosed the complete list of adjustments yet, they will take effect from April. Therefore, any orders that are fulfilled by the end of this month will not be impacted by this price hike.

In light of full transparency, we wanted to inform you of some changes that will be taking place in the coming weeks. Due to various factors like raw material sourcing difficulties, material prices, and labor costs, we will raise the prices of a selected range of our products.

These changes will occur on March 31, 2023, and the price increase will only affect certain products. Those prices will increase by 8% on average, applying to any selected product or product line our company currently offers.

All orders placed before March 31, 2023, will NOT be affected by these price adjustments.

We assure you we have not made this decision lightly but were forced to do so due to all the recent changes in the market.

— EK

EK is a company that has a reputation for collaborating closely with a variety of popular brands, such as AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA. Many motherboards are outfitted with customized monoblocks, while practically any customized GPU nowadays has a specially designed waterblock that fits perfectly. However, even the slightest deviation from the reference design necessitates modifications to the cooling product, which undoubtedly makes the design more complex and increases costs.

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The good news is that PC enthusiasts have many other options available to them for water cooling their systems, including but not limited to Bykski, Alphacool, Thermaltake, Optimus, Barrow, or Watercool. Additionally, graphics cards with preinstalled waterblocks can also be purchased, which ironically, are frequently produced by EK.

Via EK