EK Introduces EK-AIO Basic and Special Edition EK-AIO Elite Aurum CPU Coolers

EK, the leading computer cooling solutions provider, is expanding its All-In-One product line with two new products: EK-AIO Basic and EK-AIO Elite Aurum 360 D-RGB. Following the success of EK-AIO D-RGB that comes in three different sizes and EK-AIO Elite with the push-pull configuration, the new EK-AIO Basic now creates a balance in the EK’s AIO portfolio by offering a price-competitive, all-black, non-RGB option. The second EK-AIO product making its debut is the Special Edition EK-AIO Elite Aurum – a golden variant of the popular EK-AIO Elite. It boasts a glossy, gold-like nickel finish on the pump cover and fittings for those who want their PCs to sparkle.

The EK-AIO Basic is available in 240 and 360 mm radiator models. These are all-black all-in-one liquid cooling solutions for modern AMD and Intel CPUs. Visually, EK-AIO Basic is minimalistic with a black brushed aluminium-like pump cover and black fans. These performance-focused AIOs offer all the benefits of a water-cooling solution in a compact, easy to install, and maintenance-free design. They are simple, efficient, and come without any RGB lighting. By keeping the aesthetics minimal, EK-AIO Basic can be more competitive price-wise than the pioneering trio with D-RGB implementation.

EK AIO Basic 240 360 PR

As the name suggests, this AIO version takes us back to the basics but doesn’t lack in performance. The EK-AIO Basic is here to take the initiative among EK’s mainstream liquid cooling solutions, spearheaded by already-successful, chart-topping, EK-AIO D-RGB models.

EK AIO Basic 240 360 PR 2

To top everything off, EK is also introducing the unapologetic, attention-seeking EK-AIO Elite Aurum 360 D-RGB. The colossal six-fan setup is not only chunky in size and consequently in performance but also stands out with the limited edition, glossy, golden pump cover with a D-RGB lit EK badge and diamond-cut rotary fittings.

3831109836217 EK AIO Elite Aurum 360 D RGB PR1

The Elite Aurum is here and ready to provide ample cooling power even for the toughest processors on the market. Whether you are into heavy overclocking or wish to have a silent PC, the 360 mm radiator combined with six Vardar fans can provide both simultaneously. The EK-Hub was added to help with the cable management, offering multi-connection with up to seven sets of addressable RGB and PWM headers.

3831109836217 EK AIO Elite Aurum 360 D RGB PR3

Availability and Pricing
The EK-AIO Elite Aurum 360 D-RGB, EK-AIO Basic 240, and EK-AIO Basic 360 are all designed in Slovenia, Europe, and made in China. They are available for order at EK Online Store. You can see their manufacturer suggested retail prices (MSRP), VAT included:

  • EK-AIO Basic 240 89.90€
  • EK-AIO Basic 360 119.90€
  • EK-AIO Elite Aurum 360 D-RGB 229.90€

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