Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Enermax Announces the TWISTERODIO 16 Cooling Pad

The manufacturer of PC cooling solutions, ENERMAX, introduced its TWISTERODIO 16 CP008 – the all new cooling fan added to its product portfolio. The classy new model has been designed with high quality brushed aluminum and offers the perfect podium for your notebooks’ cooling. This new notebook cooler comes with a built in DreamBass sound chip and features two speakers with an audio plug-in, making the TWISTERODIO 16 a two in one device. It is not only a cooler and is not exclusively designed for cooling function alone; it also seeks to provide the best sound quality for notebooks which come with poor sound outlets.

Enermax TWISTERODIO 16 Cooling Pad

To take advantage of the cooler for the maximum performance, the device comes with a manual fan controller that allows the speed to be adjusted according to the intensity of the work load. This feature keeps a balance between the cooling system and the sound.

Enermax TWISTERODIO 16 Cooling Pad

The cooling pad is user friendly with all its adept features and its design looks forward to provide the most comfortable working experience for the users. There is ample amount of space on the cooling pad which also allows enough space to be used as a wrist rest so typing for longer time periods is not tedious anymore. To further enhance the typing comfort, users can tilt the device to a maximum angel for support. Most importantly, the highest quality brushed aluminum design gives the cooler a long life and reliability for extended use. The cooling device, which can be used for laptops of up to 16 inches in size, can be placed anywhere as it holds onto all types of surfaces with its rubber feet without slipping.

Enermax TWISTERODIO 16 Cooling Pad

Enermax TWISTERODIO CP008 is available now at US$39.99.

Source: Enermax | News Archive

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