HP Expands Z Workstation Portfolio

With the new Z series, HP has announced its most exciting portable workstations which also feature the all-new 14-inch Ultrabook variant, the ZBook 14 which is the first workstation Ultrabook to be introduced. Whereas the ZBook 15 and 17 are available, we don’t expect to see the ZBook 14 any sooner than late October. This innovative portfolio incorporates three new HP ZBook Mobile Workstations, processor and graphics enhancements to the award-winning line of HP Z Desktop Workstations, and two new HP Z Displays.


The new Z line of portable and desktop workstations is the first to incorporate the Thunderbolt and because of this they can take the best advantage of the ultimate input-output connection. These workstations of the new Z series have been built exclusively to aid the engineers and designers in their heavy duty work meanwhile the ZBook 15 enables high image quality with a super-high-resolution QHD+ 3,200 x 1,800 display. All these have been tested and approved for professional use. Professional users such as engineers, CAD users, graphic designers and architects require the workstations which also allow for maximum portability. The mobility and functionality is further enhanced with the much thinner and sleek design of the workstation and its light weight makes it easy to handle.


The ZBook mobile workstations are equipped with Haswell dual and quad core processor options. The graphics are incredible with next generation NVIDIA and AMD cards along with NVIDIA’s Keplar based graphics. For users comfortable with the handling of touch screens, the ZBook 14 provides the amazing panel which is completely touch enabled.


Three other workstations of the Z series have been enhanced further and updated. These include the Z420, Z620 and Z820 and are now equipped with Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors of Xeon E5-1600v2 and E5-2600v2. These workstations include second generation Thunderbolt ports and they all feature a memory which runs at least 16% more efficiently.

HP Z820 Workstation
• Features an ECC memory of 512 GB
• Storage of up to 15 TB
• 24 processing cores
• 2 NVIDIA K6000 graphics
• Priced at $2,439

HP Z620 Workstation
• ECC memory of 193 GB
• Storage of up to 12 TB
• 24 processing cores
• Graphics of NVIDIA K6000 or dual K5000
• Priced at $1,689

HP Z420 Workstation
• ECC memory of 64 GB
• Storage of up to 12 TB
• Graphics; NVIDIA Quadro K6000 or AMD W7000, or dual NVIDIA K2000 graphics
• Priced at $1,399

The new HP Z Displays
Two displays have also been added to the Z series namely the HP Z27i and Z30i IPS displays which are perfect for professional usage. Coverage of the sRGB color space has been provided by these displays and these comply with the standard color space of many platforms and applications. Moreover, the IPS Gen 2 panels enable efficient power consumption. The HP Z27i will be available in October at a price of $729 and the HP Z30i s currently available in the market at a price of $1,329.

Source: HP | News Archive