Enermax iVektor Case Review

Final Thoughts
Enermax has been in the game a long time and has always come out with cases that are different and unique. The iVektor does have a different look to it, but the thing that really sets it apart is its soft touch coating which actually feels pretty cool and does a great job at preventing a lot of fingerprints. Enermax also does offer this case in while and red versions as well.

Being your typical mid tower you can pack a pretty hardcore system inside. You should have no problem fitting large video cards, up to seven hard drives, three optical drives and large CPU coolers inside of this case. When it comes to cooling Enermax has included two 120 mm fans (intake & exhaust), one of which is a blue LED fan. If you need more cooling you can install two more 120 mm fans on the top of the case, one more to the front of the case and if your power supply permits another 120 mm on the bottom. If you are going to water cooling route the top of the case can support a 120 and 240mm radiators.

Of course of one the most important things when it comes to a case is the installation. Installing my hardware inside of the iVektor was extremely easy and I really only ran into one issue which was my 8pin EPS connector did not fit through the providing routing hole, this was a bit disappointing. Other than that installation was simple and everything installed just as it should. I was also able to route all of my cables behind the motherboard tray and I did not even have to tie them down to get the opposite side panel back on the case.

This case also offers USB 3.0 support and an included fan controller. The only other thing that I do have to mention is that the handle on the back side panel was broken on our sample. I really hope that, that was just a fluke.

Right now you can pick up the iVektor at my favorite online retailer for around $75, which is a great price for a pretty solid case. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Enermax iVektor Case an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10 small

– Soft touch coating
– Included fan controller
– Easy and tool-less installation
– Room for additional cooling
– Large side panel window

– Opening for 8pin EPS connector is not large enough
– The handle on one of our side panels came broken

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