Engineering Samples of Sapphire Rapids Server CPUs Are Out In The Wild

We are all aware that Intel has delayed Sapphire Rapids, yet its server CPUs have been spotted on Geekbench.

The tested processor has 20 cores and 40 threads. The report shows two such processors are operating through a dual-socket system. The processor is reportedly operating at 1.5 GHz base clock speed however as per JSON output the Geekbench reported clock speed is 4.68-4.70 GHz. We are not sure if the clock speed is real or an error from Geekbench, but Sapphire Rapids will also launch as a HEDT consumer CPU, so we can expect these kinds of frequencies at some point.

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Geekbench has not confirmed that the processors are Sapphire Rapids CPUs but the identifier reveals the CPU family; it shows Family 6 Model 143 Stepping 2 which is known as Sapphire Rapids.

Intel reference platform (codenamed VulcanCity) was used to test the processor. The system houses 32 GB RAM, however, Geekbench does not reveal the operating frequency. The CPU caches are listed in the leak:75MB of L3 cache and 40MB of L2 cache.

Sapphire Rapids Clock 1

The Sapphire is running in a dual-socket system yet it is quite slow. A Ryzen 9 5950X can easily outperform as it offers twice as high multi-core performance. As for its single-core performance, the majority of CPUs released since 2016 including mobile ones have better single-core performance. The CPU is not at its peak speed.

Sapphire Rapids Hero banner 1600x787 1

Intel has recently shared that it’s Sapphire Rapids CPUs will enter volume production in Q2 2022. Intel is also working on the variant with HBM2e memory, which is expected to launch by the end of 2022.

Via Geekbench