Streacom Introduces TX13 High Performance Thermal Paste

Streacom has announced its new high-performance Thermal Paste, TX13. It has a new application technique designed to reduce wastage. The TX13 comes packed in 5 foil sachets where each sachet has 0.25g of paste which is enough for one application on a desktop die (40 mm x 40 mm).


The company recommends using multiple sachets for bigger dies like the Threadripper. Streacom has designed the product to have a minimal environmental footprint as recycled cards are used for packaging and the company has promised to plant a tree for each packet sold under the Eden Reforestation Project.

Talking about its performance, the thermal conductivity is measured at 13.4 W/m-k. The working temperature is in the range of -30 to 180 °C while the viscosity is 95000 mPa.s.


There is no information on pricing or availability yet.


Via Streacom