Entire AMD Vega Lineup Leaked

The latest report on AMD Vega gas reportedly leaked the entire lineup as well as the release date! The cards are expected to be available June 5th, which makes sense as AMD will be holding a press conference at Computex. So we’ll have the announcement there and then the market availability the next week.

radeon vega

This latest leak points to three AMD Vega SKUs, which we had originally reported that there would be. Now none of the main details for this cards is available, but we do have the naming as well as the pricing.

So to start off we have the RX Vega Core, which will retail for $399. This is a higher price than the NVIDIA GTX 1070, which we can assume means better performance. This pricing also means that AMD could carve out another card at the $329 price point.

Next we have the RX Vega Eclipse at $499. It will go head to head with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 and will actually be cheaper than most AIB versions of the card. Since many GTX 1070’s can be overclocked to give you performance close to the GTX 1080 we expect the RX Vega Eclipse to actually perform better than the GTX 1080.

Finally there is the RX Vega Nova at $599, which is a full $100 cheaper than the NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti, while it should compete directly with it. If this leak turns out to be true, this means we will not see a Vega card to compete with the TITAN Xp (at least a single-GPU solution).

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