Everything You Need to Know About PTZ Cameras

With the many different kinds of cameras in the market, it can be very tricky to know which one you need. Whether it’s for conferences, lectures, surveillance, or working on your video gaming career on YouTube, there is one kind of camera that earned a deserving reputation among all of the popular options.

Pan, tilt, and zoom cameras also known as the PTZ cameras are known for the best quality and its versatile usage. Monitoring is now more interactive as you are able to change the position of the camera remotely and it will allow the user to look at more than one area around the property.

If you are on the lookout for adding a new camera to your home, office, or any property, the PTZ camera will make your shopping process easier for you. Let’s start with learning all about the PTZ cameras and what they are famously known for.

Auto tracking

Auto tracking in PTZ cameras became one of the key reasons that consumers chose to go with this kind of cameras. With today’s technology, the PTZ camera keeps getting better and better.

The auto tracking feature has impressed many and is constantly used for lectures to follow the main person on stage within a large space without accidentally following a different moving object in the frame. It has also caught the attention of video gamers to record them without needing to manually move it any time they are out of the frame.

It is also extremely beneficial for property surveillance. If you happen to have an intruder trying to break into your garage or your home, the PTZ camera will follow the intruder without having to control it.

PTZ cameras’ auto tracking follows any object regardless of size and length.

Wide range of vision

The name of the camera says it all. The pan, tilt, and zoom cameras will give users the widest range of vision and it can be controlled and moved remotely.

To receive the best possible usage of the wide range vision advantage, try to install your PTZ camera in a location that will give you the full view of the property.

This feature will also protect your surveillance camera from intruders who will try to tamper with it since it will be placed in a location that will be hard for them to reach.

Motion detection

The motion detection function is a motion sensor that notifies you or the authorities if it detects a movement. The advanced algorithm in motion detection will take note of sudden change in the property that the camera is watching and recording.

This motion detection system can be tricky with a PTZ camera as the wide range of vision might make it lose its benefit due to being fixed on a busy street or an area that has a lot of constant movement. It’s important to place your PTZ camera in an area that won’t cause false activations of the motion detection system.

This function is different from the auto tracking feature, as it helps to alert you if there’s an intruder or suspicious movement around your property when you are not looking at your camera.

Its capability to track motion also works at night time when it’s dark and it’s highly impressive as cameras with motion detection are always fixed in one place and don’t have the ability to move.

The night vision option comes hand in hand with the motion detection feature. These two functions will allow your PTZ camera to be working at its optimal usage if the area gets darker than the usual.

Auto-focus system

Just like the other automatic features, your PTZ camera will have to come with auto-focus technology. It is similar to the auto-focus system found on our phones and digital cameras.

This feature is not only great for using PTZ cameras as surveillance systems for your home, it’s also perfect for when you are giving a presentation through a webcam for all your other co-workers. You won’t have to worry about being out of focus and having it distract you during lectures either.

Price worthy and less expensive

The budget of the PTZ camera compared to other cameras on the market is a lot more valuable.

When compared to other cameras, the PTZ camera can be in many locations than other cameras such as the dome cameras or the bullet camera. The PTZ camera can be installed in very large outdoor areas and indoor areas.

It also provides the widest range of view than other cameras with a 360 degree endless pan and 90 degrees tilt.

The installation process for the PTZ camera is incredibly easy to do thanks to its mounting handle and bracket.

The most value of a PTZ camera is the lack of need for a staff to navigate auto-tracking, auto-focus, zooming, panning, and tilting. The camera’s ability to do everything without a need for manual movement makes it worth the price if you need a camera for church and school.

Comes with high resolution

The PTZ camera with the highest resolution than any other camera used for surveillance on the market. The standard resolution for cameras in the industry is 1080p resolution and any lower is often the cheapest camera being sold.

PTZ cameras are now available with 1440p or 4k resolution and are installed by professional technicians. The benefit of the 1440p or 4k resolution comes in very handy when companies, supermarkets, venues, and even homes need it to be installed in the highest location of the ceiling to get the full view and widest range of the floor.

David from PTZOptics says, “The high resolution is crucial for the night vision option that you have spent a lot of money on to have the maximum security system to make sure your home is protect in the evening and during the nights that you are not home or forgot to turn on the lights outdoors.”

After all, you don’t want a night vision option if all you get is a grainy video of the intruder.