FIFINE AmpliGame SC3 Audio Mixer Review

Final Thoughts

Having the need to bring not only microphone audio, but other external audio sources into your content can be a challenge that in some cases might require the installation of additional sound cards and other devices. FIFINE’s AmpliGame SC3 mixer provides a USB-connected and powered option to the table, and offers multiple input options, along with control surfaces for each one. Adjusting levels on the fly isn’t a need that I have in my audio setup in most cases, but for those that do, this unit might be a good starting point when a physical control surface is required. With 48V phantom power provided to XLR microphones, and the ability to adjust for dynamic and condenser types, you can pair the SC3 with some pretty nice microphones to gain control over their audio levels with the touch of a slider. The individual mute buttons for the inputs and outputs are easy to reach and engage, and the additional voice modifier and recording buttons are easy to use as well. Speaking of easy to use, the SC3 doesn’t require any software, as basic drivers take over here.

FIFINE AmpliGame SC3

I did find myself wanting better audio quality from the AmpliGame SC3, but that just isn’t in the works here. A bit of a hiss was found in my recordings, and I wasn’t able to alleviate that by adjusting the levels of the mixer, as anything lower than all the way up required boosting elsewhere in order to get audible recordings. Interestingly, the processer used for the voice changer actually seemed to remove the hiss – too bad I don’t want to sound like a robot or monster all the time.

With a price of just $49.99 at our favorite online retailer, I think the FIFINE AmpliGame SC3 is a good option for someone wanting to get a bit of flexibility with regards to their microphone and input abilities, while also gaining access to control them with a physical control surface outside of software. This is definitely a budget-focused mixer, but as long as you keep that in mind, I think it can provide a good entry level option. The FIFINE AmpliGame SC3 receives a 7 out of 10.

rating7 10


  • XLR and 3.5mm Microphone Support
  • In-Line Monitoring
  • 48V Phantom Power
  • Plug-and-Play Simple Setup
  • Affordable, Entry Level Option


  • High Volumes Introduce Hiss
  • Electric Effect Was Not Noticeable
  • Custom Recordings Lower Quality and Delayed Playback
  • No Software