First Mini-ITX GeForce RTX 40 Graphics Cards Announced By NVIDIA Board Partners

Board partners were initially hesitant to release compact graphics cards for the affordable $200 GeForce RTX 4070. However, they have now revealed the first GeForce RTX 4060 Ti/4060 models that specifically cater to small form factor setups.

GeForce RTX 4060 Mini-V

Colorful has introduced a new graphics card called the “Mini-V,” specifically designed for compact PCs and Home Theater PCs (HTPC). This single-fan and dual-slot design is claimed to be ideal for small setups. With a length of just 17 cm, the exact appearance of the card is not yet available. However, it has been confirmed that this design will be utilized for the GeForce RTX 4060 non-Ti. While no specifications have been disclosed, it is likely that this GPU will adhere to NVIDIA’s reference specifications since it is not categorized as an ‘iGame’ GPU.

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Gainward RTX 4060 Ti Pegasus Series

Gainward has unveiled two mini-ITX graphics cards, both measuring under 17 cm in length. These cards feature a dual-slot design, a single fan, and require a single 8-pin power connector. The company has confirmed that there are two models available: one with factory-overclocking up to 2670 MHz (boost), and the other with stock clocks from NVIDIA. However, it’s worth noting that both models have the same default thermal design power (TDP) of 160W, aligning with NVIDIA’s specifications.

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Palit RTX 4060 Ti StormX

The StormX series from Palit is essentially a replica of Gainward’s GPU. Both companies utilize identical board designs and even share the same clock speeds for their cards. The only noticeable distinction lies in the shroud design, which is a minor difference that is unlikely to be easily noticeable.

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Inno3D RTX 4060 Compact

Among the eight new cards announced by Inno3D today, only one of them features a Mini-ITX design. Named the “Compact,” this card is remarkably small, measuring just 155x122x39 mm, making it likely the smallest Ada GPU available. It is built upon the RTX 4060 non-Ti and operates at clock speeds of 1830/2460 MHz (base and boost). While it requires an 8-pin power connector, a 6-pin cable would suffice since its thermal design power (TDP) is 115W.

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ZOTAC RTX 4060 Solo

ZOTAC has introduced its Solo graphics card, which deviates from the company’s existing lineup. Although the full specifications, including dimensions and clock speeds, have not been revealed, we can observe that it features a dual-slot design that aligns with the SFF/Mini-ITX description. Similarly to Inno3D, ZOTAC’s plans only include the RTX 4060 non-Ti SKU for this card, implying that it will house 8GB of memory and 3072 CUDA cores beneath its compact shroud.

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ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, Galax, and PNY have not announced any Mini-ITX designs. However, it is worth mentioning that some brands have not yet revealed their RTX 4060 non-Ti graphics cards.

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Images credit: Videocardz