Fluance Fi30 Bluetooth Speaker System Review

Setup & Usage
Getting the Fluance Fi30 setup is very easy. Just plug in the power and flip the power button on the back. On your Bluetooth device go into the Bluetooth settings and you will see the Fi30 show up. Select it to pair your device and you are good to go. The Fi30 will emit a chime to let you know it is paired with your device.

Fluance Fi30 Bluetooth Speaker System

I have been using the Fi30 in two different rooms in my house. My office and kitchen. It provides more than enough sound to fill both rooms. You can easily tell the difference in audio quality between the Fi30 and the smaller Bluetooth speakers that we have been reviewing. One thing that is very apparent is that this system has great bass along with a clear crisp sound. Many other systems have little to no bass at all and this distort quite easily, not the Fi30! Another thing that I noticed was that when I had the speaker system turned up quite loud the cabinet did not vibrate or move around. This speaks to the quality of the cabinet.

Typically for Bluetooth devices we get about 30 feet distance before we lose signal. The Fi30 performed a little better than that, which is good. I also wanted to mention that the Fi30 is AptX compatible, if you happen to have a device that supports that codec.

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