Former Developer Hints At Nintendo Switch 2 Backward Compatibility And Machine Learning Features

One of the most desired features for the yet-to-be-revealed Nintendo Switch 2 is the ability to play games from its predecessor. Despite conflicting rumors, recent findings indicate that the upcoming console may indeed support playing games released on the current Switch.

Nintendo Switch 2 concept Curved Labs 3

In a recent video, Doctre81 disclosed the discovery of a LinkedIn profile belonging to a former Nintendo developer. This developer had been with the company from February 2021 until August 2023 and had taken charge of an ongoing project, making enhancements to reduce complexity, enhance performance, and introduce new features while preserving all existing functionalities. The project in question strongly hints at being the Nintendo Switch 2, given that no other known Nintendo project aligns with these details, and the preservation of existing functionalities may be related to ensuring backward compatibility.

The LinkedIn profile uncovered by Doctre81 appears to provide further evidence of the Nintendo Switch 2’s incorporation of machine learning capabilities. This is indicated by the developer’s listed skills during their tenure at the Japanese company, which encompass not only machine learning but also NVIDIA TensorRT, an open-source library known for enhancing the performance of cutting-edge large language models during inference. Additionally, the mention of ARM assembly hints that the new console, similar to its predecessor, will likely feature an ARM CPU.

Nintendo Switch 2 concept Curved Labs 2

The Nintendo Switch 2 remains shrouded in mystery, with its official name yet to be revealed. Recent speculations suggest that the console is poised to debut with two variants on September 24, 2024. Nintendo has set November 3rd as a backup release date in case any unforeseen obstacles hinder the late September launch.

Images: Curved/Labs