Former Valve Dev Says That Steam Was Killing PC Gaming

We’ve been talking a lot about both Steam and the Epic Games Store lately. With the timed exclusives Epic Games has been able to secure many PC gamers are not very happy with them. Well one former Valve developer has said that Steam’s 30% cut was unsustainable and that Epic Games is fixing that.

In a series of tweets, former Valve dev Richard Geldreich claims that Steam was killing PC gaming with its 30% tax, a tax that was more or less unsustainable. And that this 30% cut made quite a lot of money for Valve and distorted the company. This accusation could explain why Valve has not released a big PC game in the past few years.

Geldreich goes on to predict that Epic Games will most likely keep signing exclusives…

Geldreich does however agree that the Epic Games Store currently lacks many features…

What do you guys think? Was the 30% too much? Will Valve change things now that there is another big player?

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