GALAX Introduces DDR5-8000 HOF Pro Memory For Intel 700 Series

GALAX is now offering its DDR5-8000 memory. The latest kit is a member of the GALAX HOF (Hall of Fame) collection, specially created for advanced overclocking. Similar to the HOF GPUs, the memory likewise has a white PCB, which is quite unusual, particularly among the DDR5 series.

GALAX has launched three memory kits, each comprising two 16GB sticks. These kits are capable of running at speeds of 7200 MT/s, 7600 MT/s, and 8000 MT/s, thanks to the Intel XMP 3.0 profiles. Although there is no reference to AMD EXPO support, it’s doubtful that these speeds would work with Ryzen 7000 CPUs anyway.

GALAX has stated that the 7200 MT/s kit will use 36-36-46-116 timing. The CAS Latency for the 7600 and 8000 MT/s kits is the same, but the tRAS timings will be different at 122 and 128 clock cycles, respectively. Additionally, to achieve speeds of 7600 MT/s or above, 1.5V will be required, whereas the 7200 MT/s kit will operate at 1.45 volts.

GALAX has also shared images of the memory with a black PCB, so it’s essential to check before placing an order since there may be two color choices available.

Via Videocardz

Images Credit: Videocardz