GALAX TecLab OC Team Breaks Multiple World Records Using NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090

With the release of NVIDIA’s flagship RTX 40 GPU, reviewers and board partners were finally permitted to share custom-designed test results. Among these is the GALAX SG (Serious Gaming) model, which is a budget card.

TECLAB RTX4090 OC 1 1800x1013 1

A Brazilian TecLab OC team spent an entire night modifying and overclocking this model to break as many world records as possible. Even with limited sample availability and time constraints, it appears they accomplished at least several things.

TECLAB RTX4090 OC 2 1800x1013 1

To begin with, they are among the first individuals to fully customise the PCB for their overclocking sessions. For the liquid nitrogen pot to be installed, the board layout had to be altered significantly. This necessitated, for instance, the relocation of some capacitors to the opposite side. In addition, TecLab was required to remove the power limit controller, add multiple voltage probes, and accommodate the GPU to sub-zero temperatures.

TECLAB RTX4090 OC 4 1800x1013 1

GALAXY RTX 4090 SG operates at 3.075 GHz with the stock (quad-fan) cooler without any modifications. The OC team was able to reach 3.450 GHz with their modification. Due to the GPU’s extremely sensitive circuitry, which dislikes low voltages and temperatures below -100 °C, performance degradation may be observed at this point. Team member Ronaldo Boussali, who provided the outcomes, confirms that they broke five world records using a Core i9-12900KS processor, DDR-5400 memory, and Corsair 1600W power supply.



These world records represent only the beginning for TecLab and other extreme overclocking teams. We have yet to see more powerful RTX 4090 variants, such as the Galax HOF series, which should contain even more power thanks to their enhanced power sections and pre-binned Ada chips.

Via Videocardz