GeForce GTX 1630 To Feature 512 CUDA Cores

It has been a little over three years since NVIDIA first announced its GeForce GTX 1650, and now finally it is launching the slowest Turing desktop graphics. In the 2022 lineup, the GTX 1630 is going to fall at the lowest end, featuring only 512 CUDA cores. Both Colorful and MSI have confirmed this configuration and have also listed the upcoming graphics card on their websites.

There is nothing new on the specifications front as we reported the same information almost about a month ago. The boost clock seems to have changed though with the previous reporting being 1800 MHz which has now been changed to 1785 MHz. However, this is very likely that these clocks will still be available as there will be multiple factory-overclocked models.

The GTX 1630 is going to feature a cut down version of the slowest NVIDIA Turing GPU, the TU117-150. The specs revealed so far clearly show the biggest drawback of this GPU – the limited memory bus. The memory will be spread across a very limited 64-bit bus with a bandwidth of only 96 GB/s.

Most of the cards in the lineup are going to come with a default TDP of 75W whereas some of them are going to give the option of attaching external power connectors, most likely a 6-pin. The various designs have all been left up to the task of the board partners who will come up with multiple variants featuring dual-fan as well as single-fan cooling systems. There is also a probability of ITX and low-profile form factors, making it quite similar to the GTX 1650 series.

Via Videocardz