More GTA 6 Details Emerge

GTA 6 is, without a doubt, the most highly anticipated game of all time. According to the most recent report, the main characters in the game are going to be twins and the game will be set in Brazil. However, this is only one of the places where the game will be set.

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There is little information on the plot of the game which will revolve around these twins whose parents got murdered by a criminal organization some years ago. Due to this, the twins grew apart over the years. This information comes from a Brazilian GTA enthusiast, Matheusvictorbr, who seems to know a lot about the game’s secrets.

This was just a little background on the plot. The main plot will take place in 2020 and it shows the twins grown up. The guy has grown up to be a DEA agent who fights against drug trafficking whereas the girl is mostly acting on her own to avenge the death of her parents. In the process, she ends up joining a cartel and gains their trust, and makes her way into the gang to find out who really murdered her parents. It is most likely that the twins will come face to face when the brother starts a fight against this cartel and ends up running into his sister.

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The guy who has leaked the information claims that the twins are going to meet in a “complex manner.” That being said, sources are claiming that the GTA 6 will be the first game ever to depict a drug trafficking fighting scene with so much reality.