These ASRock Motherboards Already Support Intel’s 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs

Intel’s 13th Gen Raptor Lake processors haven’t even arrived in the market yet but ASRock has already announced that its motherboards are going to come with support for these next-gen chips. The BIOS update on numerous 6000 series motherboards has already been made available by ASRock. All series starting from the Z690 to the H610 are going to receive the said update.

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Though we are not sure about the exact release date of the Raptor Lake, we can assume that if there aren’t any last-minute bottlenecks, the processors will be ready for debut towards the end of this year. The Raptor Lake is going to be compatible with the 600 series motherboards, meaning that it will not require an entirely new socket. By the time Rocket Lake is scheduled to arrive, we are hoping that Intel will release a new round of 700 series chipsets with a BIOS update. This will allow the existing owners of the LGA 1700 motherboards socket to easily run the next generation CPUs from Intel. Rest assured, ASRock has readied BIOS update to extend support for the next-gen processors, clearing hinting towards the Raptor Lake here.

Based on this information, we know that a total of 46 motherboards have been prepared for the Raptor Lake with a BIOS update. We aren’t talking about a beta BIOS update, but a full-fledged stable release. It doesn’t take much to update your BIOS, just be sure to create a backup of settings and data before doing so.

ASRock explains that the company “has been completely dedicated to EZ update/setting. As the first generation of LGA1700 socket motherboards, most of ASRock Intel 600 series motherboards are equipped with BIOS flashback button that allows users to update BIOS with USB Flash Drive easily.” It further added, “Furthermore, ASRock add Auto Driver Installer (ADI) to the newest BIOS of all Intel 600 series motherboards. ADI ensures the ability of Ethernet connection and provides a convenient way to install all drivers needed without any annoying application lifted in your OS. That is to say, no need to worry about not having the CD ROM for support CD, and you could set the system just in a blink.”


We know now that the Raptor Lake is going to feature 24 cores and 32 threads. In comparison to this, Alder Lake only has 16 cores and 24 threads. There was an investor meeting earlier this year where Intel confirmed that the Raptor Lake will have a double digit increase in performance over the Alder Lake. A few of the” enhanced overclocking features” were also teased, and Intel has hinted toward a H2 availability of the processor.