Someone Is Already Selling Intel Core i9-13900K Processor On Black Market

Engineering samples of Intel’s Raptor Lake have gone up for sale on the black market months before the official launch. The 13th Gen Core series is not expected to launch till September or maybe October this year, but there are people out there who are already trying to sell it. These are the people who have got their hands on the pre-release hardware. Intel is currently going through its production cycle and it is normal for samples to get various iterations. Due to this, most of the samples become obsolete and as a result, end up for sale on auction sites.

Core i9 13900K SALE

The right way to manage these samples would be to return them back to Intel, however, with so much of trouble of going back and forth for useless samples, this has never been the case. Most of these units end up on Chinese sites for sale for those who are looking for a bargain.

The Core i9-13900K CPU in question here works very well with the ASUS Z690 ROG APEX motherboard. Its description seems to say that it does boot up and will even support overclocking. No other details have been given except that it is a full Raptor Lake with 8 Raptor Cove cores and 16 Gracemont cores.

Intel Investors Presentation 2022 Raptor Lake 1030x585 1

Whoever is selling this has decided to keep much of the important information hidden. There is no information on the CPU SPEC code or the QR codes and hence it is impossible to determine whether this is really a Raptor Lake or not. The sample has already been sold out, so there remains no chance of knowing that for sure. Whoever purchased it definitely got a bargain at $426.