GeIL Super Luce DDR4-3000 16GB Memory Kit Review

Final Thoughts
The first thing I thought when I turned my system on with this memory was “wow this memory really ties this whole build together!” This was of course for our In Win 805 Infinity build. That case has two tempered glass side panels, which means your memory is definitely going to be seen. If you have a case with a side panel window this is definitely memory you want to consider. The light bars are quite bright, but are not over the top like we’ve seen from other memory. The blue light bar with the white heatspreader goes together quite well. The light bar will pulse based on the temperature of the memory, but there is no way to control the lighting, which was a little bit of a let down.

When it comes to performance the memory is pretty good. With its XMP profile enabled the kit runs at 3000 MHz with timings of 15-17-17-35 at 1.35V. At 3000 MHz we have seen kits with tighter timings. Overclocking with this kit is also good. Bumping the voltage up to 1.4V we were able to get the kit up to 3200 MHz at the exact same timings! Not bad at all, and I’m sure if we loosened the timings a bit we could have gone higher.

The only other thing we should mention about this kit is that the heat spreaders are larger than other kits out there so you are going to want to check to see if you will run into clearance issues.

There really is not much to not like about the Super Luce DDR4 memory from GeIL. It some of the best looking memory we’ve reviewed lately! Right now you can pick up the Overall ThinkComputers gives the GeIL Super Luce DDR4-3000 16GB Memory Kit a 9 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!

Award 9 out of 10 Award Recommended

– White heatspreader with blue light bar looks awesome
– Light bar is quite bright
– Good overall performance
– Overclocks well

– Can’t control the light bar
– Heatspreaders are taller than most

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