Gigabyte Announces 54.6-inch AORUS S55U 4K 120Hz Quantum-Dot Gaming Monitor

GIGABYTE, as we all know, is the world’s most highly sought-after brand when it comes to gaming hardware. It has recently announced the launch of its S55U gaming monitor which comes as a new addition to the 4K monitor lineup of the company.

The highlight of the S55U is definitely its 54.6 inches UHD quantum dot display which will now open up new possibilities in the world of gaming monitors. Picture sharpness and clarity aside, the S55U takes the game to another level with its esports-grade 120Hz refresh rate. To top this all, it comes with a GTG response time of 2ms, and offers HDMI 2.1 connectivity, all while giving users an immersive 4K gaming experience unlike any other.

The S55U is powered by Android meaning it has built-in apps for streaming content from the likes of Netflix, YouTube, Chromecast et cetera. So, it’s not merely a gaming monitor, it also becomes an ideal setup for home entertainment as well.

When it comes to top-of-the-game 4K gaming monitors, GIGABYTE has been a class apart right after it entered the 4K market last year with its first ever 4K display. GIGABYTE’s entire lineup of 4K monitors come with all the industry-leading gaming features one could ask for.

According to Tom’s Hardware, the FV43U is the king of 43-inch gaming monitors due to its unmatchable color and contrast. The FO48U which is GIGABYTE’S 47.53-inch OLED display has won this year’s iF Design Award honor for incredible display performance and aesthetics. It just doesn’t end here – the monitor-focused tech media Rtings has labeled the GIGABYTE M series as the best 4K gaming monitors.