M2 MacBook Air Will Give A Tough Competition To Windows Based Rivals

The much-awaited launch date for Apple’s M2 MacBook Air is here. While some of us might be too excited in anticipation of the launch which is scheduled for July 15th, not everyone shares the same emotions regarding the launch. Some manufacturers of laptops based on the Windows OS have got themselves worried about the competition this launch is going to bring, and rightly so. The upcoming MacBook Air has been anticipated for a very long time and with more eyes set on the launch, it is very likely to affect the sales of other laptops available in the market. Even those who hadn’t been planning to purchase the MacBook Air for its M2 feature, would now probably want to do so based on its massive redesign (the most significant one in years).

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DigiTimes has reported that those laptop manufacturers which use Intel processors are quite worried over the release of the M2 MacBook Air. One of the vendors is also of the view that if we only look at the high-end segment of laptops, the MacBook Air will most certainly outsell the others in this high-end category.

The M2 MacBook Air which comes with the standard configuration will be available for purchase at 1,199 USD. This base configuration includes a unified RAM of 8 GB, PCIe NVMe storage of 256 GB, and a 30W power brick. This configuration might not suit everyone, especially because of the very limited memory, hence customers will have to set their configurations before ordering the laptop. It is important to keep in mind that once you have ordered your MacBook Air, there will be no changes made to the configurations.

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The price mentioned above is only for the base model. If you opt for the 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD, you will have to churn out at least 1,699 USD. This is where other laptops in the market stand a chance, since not everyone can afford to make such a pricey purchase.

However, let’s not forget about all the long-term perks of investing a hefty one-time payment into the M2 MacBook Air. Apart from the annual updates which users will get, let us not forget about the M2 chip which enables the MacBook Air to last longer than a day on top of a premium chassis, all in one.

Via DigiTimes