Gigabyte BRIX BSi7-6500 Compact PC Kit Review

Sadly we do not have anything to really test the BRIXX BSi7-6500 against. The last BRIX we reviewed was back in 2014, so comparing them wouldn’t really make much sense. Also results here will differ from your system as you will likely install different memory and storage than us.

Our first round of tests are overall system tests. The first is PCMark 8. We will be running the Home, Creative, and Work benchmarks.

pcmark8-work pcmark8-creative pcmark8-home

Next we have PCMark 7.


Cinebench R15 is a great way to benchmark and test your CPU. It provides both a multi-threaded and single-threaded CPU score.


Newer versions of CPU-Z have a CPU benchmark included. It also gives us a single-thread and multi-thread score.


AIDA64’s Cache & Memory benchmark will give us a good idea of memory performance, but keep in mind that is all based on the memory you install in the unit.


This unit is in no way made for gaming, but I did run some video benchamrks which included 3DMark’s Sky Diver and Cloud Gate benchmarks.

3dmark-sky 3dmark-cloud

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