Gigabyte BRIX BSi7-6500 Compact PC Kit Review

Temperatures & Power Consumption
For both our temperature testing and power consumption testing we came up with 5 different scenarios which include Desktop (sitting idle on the Windows 10 desktop), YouTube 1080P (playing a 1080P YouTube video), YouTube 4K (playing a 4K YouTube video), 3DMark Sky Dive (running the 3DMark Sky Dive benchmark), and AIDA64 Stress Test (running AIDA64’s built-in stress test.

Let’s start with temperatures.


As you can see the Core i7-6700U does get pretty hot when it is stressed, but nothing too major. The blower fan does a good job at keeping it cool, but when you are putting full load on the CPU you can definitely hear the fan as it starts to spin faster.

For power consumption we will be using a Kill-A-Watt meter to measure how much power the BRIX is consuming.


As you can see at full load on the CPU the BRIX is only using 34.2 watts of power and when it is sitting on the Windows desktop it is only at 5.8 watts! I would say the average power consumption would be around 15-20 watts for most activities.

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