Gigabyte Shows off B650E AORUS Stealth Ice Back-Connect Motherboard

Back-connect motherboards like ASUS’s BTF and MSI’s Project Stealth have got a lot of attention lately. Well Gigabyte did not want to be left out, they were showing off their B650E AORUS Stealth Ice motherboard at Computex. This is one of the first motherboards to use a back-connect design on an AMD socket AM5 motherboard.

Gigabyte B650E AORUS Stealth Ice

The board itself has a white and silver design with an white PCB, which is pretty rare. Gigabyte has covered the board with heatsinks and shrouds so the only thing really visible on the front of the board are the AM5 CPU socket, four memory slots, and the top PCI-Express 5.0 x16 slot. There is even an EZ-Latch Plus button towards the front-edge of the board to make removing your graphics card a breeze.

Gigabyte B650E AORUS Stealth Ice

On the backside of the motherboard is where you are going to find all of your connections. These will include power, SATA ports, USB headers, fan headers, front panel headers and much more. The whole idea is to have less cable mess on the front side of the motherboard which is typically shown in most cases with tempered glass side panels. All of the cable mess then goes on the backside of the motherboard tray, hidden from view. You will however have to have a case that will support back-connect motherboards like the Corsair 6500D.

The backside of the motherboard does have a full-cover (except for openings for the ports of course) white metal backplate as well. No word yet on when this board will be available, but pricing is expected to be in the $299 – $329 range.

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