ASUS ROG Mjolnir Portable Gaming UPS Can Power Up To 1 Hour Of RTX 4080 Gaming

ASUS has unveiled a new product for mobile gamers. While it can’t be taken on a plane, it’s perfect for camping or outdoor gaming sessions where significant power is needed. The ROG Mjolnir is a versatile device, functioning as a power station, power bank, or uninterruptible power supply. It’s tailored for gamers requiring numerous ports and substantial power.


ASUS has yet to release the full specifications of the Mjolnir, but it reportedly has a capacity of 768Wh. This means it can charge an ROG Ally X, which has an 80Wh battery, at least nine times. ASUS also mentions that it can power a “GeForce RTX 4080” system for up to one hour, though it’s unclear if this refers to a desktop or, more likely, a laptop.


The Mjolnir features a built-in wireless charger with MagSafe for iPhone users, which is an unusual choice given ASUS has its own Android-based ROG phones. It also supports solar panel charging and includes a magnetically attached flashlight.


Marketed as a UPS suitable for outdoor activities, the Mjolnir doesn’t offer anything particularly groundbreaking compared to long-standing products from other companies. ASUS has not yet announced the release date and pricing, but it’s expected to be expensive.


ROG Mjolnir Portable Gaming UPS:

●ROG Mjolnir Portable Gaming UPS is designed for both indoor gaming and outdoor activities, with 768Wh LFP battery, 10ms switchover time, USB
Type-C fast charging, and Qi 2.0 wireless charger with MagSafe compatibility.

●Lithium-iron phosphate battery offers enhanced safety and extended lifespan
ROG Mjolnir features 768Wh capacity that can support a GeForce RTX 4080 system for 1 hour game time during power outage

●10ms switchover time for seamless backup power

●LCD Display shows the real-time power draw and remaining power of your system
USB Type-C fast charging up to 100W power delivery

●Qi 2.0 wireless charger with MagSafe compatibility

●Solar panel recharging compatible

●Magnetic attached flashlight can light up the room during power outage

Source: ASUS