Gigabyte X99-Ultra Gaming Motherboard Review

Included Software & Features
Gigabyte has finally decided to make their APP Center a central app where you can access all of the other Gigabyte Apps in one place. It actually looks pretty good. Unfortunately Gigabyte still makes you download each app individually. I wish they would just package everything together so I just had to download a single file.


We are not going to go over all of the software that is available, but just the main ones you should know about. Gigabyte includes an app called Ambient LED that allows you to change the LED color, and set different modes.


@BIOS allows you to easily update your BIOS from within Windows. You can update from both the internet and a file.


EasyTune is of course our favorite piece of software from Gigabyte. It allows us to easy tune our system from within Windows.

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Finally we have V-Tuner which will allow you to overclock and tune your graphics card within Windows.


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