Gigabyte X99-Ultra Gaming Motherboard Review

There are a few different ways to overclock on the X99-Ultra Gaming. The easiest way would be through the EasyTune software. You can select OC, which in our case is 3.70 GHz or run auto-tuning, which in the past has worked quite well.


If you head into the BIOS there is the CPU upgrade option in the M.I.T. that gives us a list of different overclocks.

Finally we can manually overclock in the BIOS itself. I decided to do this to reach the highest possible overclock. After some testing I was able to reach a max stable overclock of 4.4 GHz at 1.42V. This is the highest stable overclock we’ve been able to achieve on our X99 system. Most of the boards in our test group have been able to make it to this.


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